Insurance Agency 4.0

Develop Your Digital Strategy

We are currently in the Fourth Industrial Revolution where digital capabilities are providing velocity to all prior developments.

This includes the insurance industry and independent insurance agents. Do you have a digital strategy? The insurance industry and independent insurance agencies have been slow to adapt to change, but change is here.

Insurance Agency 4.0

Brings together the digital evolution of insurance agencies and presents a holistic view of the future agency. Main Street staples like bookstores, travel agents, and music stores have been disintermediated and their products moved online and into self-service; but insurance’s complex nature has kept the local insurance agent viable. However, consumers are becoming better educated, price wars blast across all advertising, and people expect the same digital experiences across all parts of their lives, including with their insurance agent.

Insurance Agency 4.0 will help agency owners and managers develop a custom path to modernize their business strategy relative to their people, marketing, operations, service, and sales while developing a practical approach to:

  • Discover and Analyze Your Starting Point.
  • Develop Your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.
  • Build and Execute Your Customized Strategic Digital Plan.

Independent Agency 4.0 Resource Material (Links and Documents)

Independent Agency 4.0 Resource Material (Links and Documents)


Tyler Asher

President of Independent Agent Distribution, Liberty Mutual Small Commercial and Safeco Insurance

"Having spent close to 30 years in the independent agent channel, Matt Masiello’s relentless commitment to moving agents forward shines though in his new book – Insurance Agency 4.0."

"As a leader known for shaping the future of our industry, Masiello is a true evangelist for a more digital future where agencies not only survive but thrive in our rapidly changing business environment. Insurance Agency 4.0 takes agency leaders on a powerful journey to develop a strategic path forward to become an Agent for the Future."

John Ammendola

President and CEO, Grange Insurance Company

“Powerful, pointed and purposeful.  Matt has created an outstanding guide to assist independent agents on their critical path toward our digital future.  His prose provides a clear sense of how to demystify and embrace the changing landscape in the midst of this fourth industrial revolution."

"As CEO of a company that has been committed to the ideals of trusted choice and counsel, I believe it is an imperative that all independent agents read this book.”